Killer Mobile ® Software LLC is a software development house that specializes in cutting edge mobile applications for  "Smart Phone" Devices. Killer Mobile ® was founded in 2003, when the Symbian Series 60 Platform made it possible to create interesting, feature rich productivity applications that could integrate with basic telephony functionality. Since then, Killer Mobile ® has released various, hugely successful Symbian, BlackBerry, Android, Windows & Java applications, and have worked on countless 3rd party projects the world over.

Killer Mobile ® is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the mobile world, and have consistently proved the "that's not possible" crowd wrong, time and time again. Killer Mobile ® will continue developing on the bleeding edge of technology, releasing interesting, feature rich, yet simple to use applications & services for years to come.

Killer Mobile ® Software LLC is based in Nevada in the United States, with staff based around the globe.