TRB Mobile Call Recording Device

TRB Mobile Call Recording Device
Total Recall Bluetooth Mobile Call Recorder (TRB for short) Device is the world’s first Call Recorder Unit for ALL mobile phones. This means you can now record calls on your iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia S40 or any other mobile phone with bluetooth! Mobile Call Recording is now available to EVERYONE! TRB acts like your BT headset and is just as easy to connect, but offers you the critical ability of recording your calls easily, and with high quality audio. The TRB Unit is small, attractive and VERY easy to use.
Price: $199
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Download Total Recall Bluetooth Call Recorder Device User Manual Total Recall Bluetooth Call Recorder Device User Manual
Device Details

The TRB (Total Recall Bluetooth) Mobile Call Recorder Unit quickly and conveniently connects to any mobile (meaning you can now record calls on your iPhone, Blackberry or even Nokia S40 device - ANY Mobile that has Bluetooth can now record calls!) using Bluetooth and is packed with professional call recording features for the most demanding user.

You can choose to record all calls or only specific calls to or from your mobile phone. If you answer a call from the TRB Call Recorder Device, it is automatically recorded. Calls you don't want to be recorded can be answered from your mobile phone. Outbound calls can be initiated from the TRB Call Recorder Device, or dialed using your mobile phone. In addition, you can switch any call to the TRB Call Recorder Device by selecting an option from your Audio Source list on your mobile phone.

The TRB Call Recorder Device can operate similar to your mobile phone. You can make and process calls from the TRB Call Recorder Device when paired with your mobile from the Handset, the Speakerphone or from the supplied Headset. You can even leave your mobile phone in your bag or pocket and answer and make calls with only the TRB Call Recorder Device. TRB Call Recorder Device can ring, flash or vibrate on incoming calls along with your mobile phone.

TRB Call Recorder Device receives Caller ID for every call and is able to record all the details including date, time, duration, caller ID, number dialed and call type (incoming, outgoing, unanswered etc.).

You can search by any parameter and playback calls on the device, add comments and importance to calls and set bookmarks (key points in a conversation). TRB Mobile Call Recording Device can even announce to callers that your calls are being recorded.

TRB Mobile Call Recording Device has many programmable options and comes complete with XtR Desktop player software which allows even more control of your calls using your PC.

  • Connects to any mobile (including iPhone, BlackBerry, Java, Nokia S40 and more) using Bluetooth.
  • 340 hours of Call Recording on the device.
  • Saves all conversation including date, time, caller id, comments and importance.
  • 150 hours standby, 8 hours recording before battery re-charge.
  • Auto record or manual record your conversations.
  • Security features to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Complete with desktop PC Call Management software.
  • Advanced search and playback of calls on the device.
  • Handset, speakerphone and headset (supplied) operation.
Recording Features
  • Record All Calls
  • Manual Record
  • End Of Call Option
  • Call Recording Announcement: No Announcement/Tone, Beep Tone (optional), Announcement (optional)
  • Decide What Type Of Calls To Record: Phonebook Record Options, Ignore Calls Less Than A Pre-Set Time
  • Recording Management: Auto Delete Old Recordings, Set Maximum Record Time, Set Maximum Number Of Calls Saved
  • Manage Your Calls Using Your PC
PC Software & Management

The Desktop software supplied allows you to upload all your recordings onto your PC (via USB) and manage them:
- Level indicator shows call activity.
- Quickly search by time, date, duration, Caller ID, Importance, Comments etc. - Playback the calls via your PC speakers with ease (drag n’ drop cursor allows rapid control).
- Add comments, set bookmarks, and add importance to identify key conversation moments.
- Email conversations to colleagues.
- Convert conversations to .wav files.

Package Contents
  • Call Recorder Unit with 2Gb memory (340 hours call storage).
  • Mini USB cable (to charge device on PC or to upload calls to PC).
  • Power Adapter/Charger (USA/Euro/UK available).
  • Headset with ‘Answer’ key.
  • Quick reference User Guide.
Ordering and Shipping


This item is sold only within the USA and Canada. If you would like to order this item from outside of the USA/Canada or you want to make bulk orders, please use the contact form below. Refunds can only be made for defective equipment and must be requested within 14 days of purchase.