Interested in Selling Killer Mobile ® Apps in your Country, City or Region and getting your piece of the Multi-Billion dollar Mobile Software Business? Then you've come to the right place! At Killer Mobile ® we have created a very flexible Mobile App Reseller Program that offers the tools and the wholesale discounts that can help you launch your sales and get you earning money in the Mobile Apps space right away! Both regionally exclusive and non-exclusive agreements are available depending on your area and your sales abilities.

Why Killer Mobile ® Apps? Well for starters, we're one of the pioneers of Mobile Apps for Smart Phones, launching our first mobile app in 2003. Killer Mobile ® is a brand recognized the world over, and is well known for cutting edge, high quality & innovative mobile apps. We pride ourselves in offering best of class apps, whether it's a Call Recorder (Total Recall), Anti Spam Utility (BlackBaller), SMS Enhancements (AdvanceSMS), Auto Dialer (Dialer-X) or any other app - if we build it, it's the best, period!

Our Mobile Apps Reseller Program gives you the option of reselling under the Killer Mobile ® Brand, or under your own. We offer extremely generous wholesale discounts which are based on volumes - The more you sell, or the more you're willing to purchase up front, the lower your per license cost goes, and your profits increase accordingly. We've also developed a sophisticated yet easy to use Reseller Panel which you'll have access to which allows you to not only manage your licenses but also create your own network of resellers which can all share your your license pool. Licensing can be done directly from the reseller panel, from an end-user front end (using a PIN) or via HTTP integrated into your own script or online store. Our Reseller Panel allows you to create an unlimited number of down level resellers (which expands down to 4 levels including Distributor, Micro Distributor, Retailer levels), and offers easy license allocation and advanced reporting capabilities. Creating & Managing your own Killer Mobile ® Apps sales network is made very easy!

Plus we'll give you access to our complete arsenal of promotional materials including all Logos, User Guides (in PDF or Word format), App Graphics, Screenshots, as well an official Authorized Distributor Certificate for your region and a listing on the Reseller Page of our website. Localization of the applications to your local languages is also available.

Applications Available Under Our Reseller Program Include:

- Total Recall Call Recorder for Symbian, Android & Windows Mobile. By far the best selling, most successful and well know call recorder app on the market.

- BlackBaller Call & SMS Blocker & Call/SMS Management for Symbian, Android, BlackBerry & Windows Mobile

- AdvanceSMS SMS Enhancement App for Symbian, BlackBerry & Android. Includes SMS auto reply, filtering, forwarding, full screen SMS preview, sms exporting & much more

- Dialer-X Automatic Calling Card Dialer, Roaming Assistant and PBX app for Symbian, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. Supports Call Through, Call Back (including SMS, DTMF & Data Triggers) and SIP (on Android only currently)

- TRacer discreet call recorder and data tracking & backup for Symbian (coming soon to BlackBerry without call recording)

- SecureMe device anti-theft and data protection for Symbian, BlackBerry & Windows Mobile (coming soon to Android)

- TxT Tones - Personalized SMS tones for every contact for Symbian & Android

- New Apps Released Regularly! Nobody Builds Killer Apps like Killer Mobile ®!


Interested? Then send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the following:

- Name

- Country (including City or Regions you're interested in reselling)

- Relevant Experience

- Marketing Plan

- Applications You're interested in Reselling


We'll then get you a demo account to our Reseller Panel and together we'll be on our way to a successful partnership. But act fast, while Reseller rights in your country are still available!