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Total Recall Phone Recorder for Nokia N8?

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08-08-2010 12:47:38

I'll be changing handsets and need call recording. Considering N8 as Total Recall does not support new Android phones.

Question is will TR work on the Nokia N8? [img949fe5a04f]\2[/img949fe5a04f]


08-08-2010 18:48:00

We've tested on a prototype N8 (not the official release however) and the recorder works fine, however it currently beeps on both sides. We'll be looking into updating this as soon as possible.



10-08-2010 16:21:31

Really need something that does not beep.

Also, Ideally it should not have to do a profile change to eliminate beeping!

Could you please update this forum when a beep-free version of KM for the upcoming Nokia N8 is available?



10-08-2010 20:16:15

Sure, we'd love it to not beep as well, but Nokia modifies their code for implementing the beep with every platform and even sometimes firmware update, so it's much more difficult than you would imagine.



09-11-2010 16:43:56

i have the same problem...on my N8 can heard beep on two edge...

ohhh nooo!!

see you soon

best regards