Device, Vehicle and Personal Location Tracking made Easy

GPS Monitor is quite simply the easiest & most flexible Device/Vehicle/Personal location tracking platform available.

Simply install the mobile application and you're instantly reporting your location to your own custom, secure tracking panel. GPS Monitor is currently available for Android, BlackBerry & Symbian smart phone devices and is designed to run discreetly and automatically in the background with absolute no user interaction or configuration required.

Download a free, 7 day demo for
Download GPS Monitor for Android Download GPS Monitor for Blackberry Download GPS Monitor for Symbian S60
Web tracking panel

The web tracking panel is entirely customizable and can be hosted on your own servers, or hosted by us.

The panel is extremely easy to use and can easily be integrated with your own website design if you choose.

Track from 1 to 100,000 or more devices, simultaneously from the same panel. With advanced features such as GPS Fencing, Coordinate Exporting and remote, on the fly configuration and unparalleled ease of use, GPS Monitor is truly your best option for cost effective location tracking.

Demo Login

To access the GPS Monitor demo panel, you first have to install the application on your phone and then click on the URL below.
Once you are at the GPS Monitor demo panel login page, you need to input the IMEI you have the application installed on and the default password 555555.

Core Features
  • Maps powered by Google Maps or Open Layers
  • Mobile application auto detects the working internet connection
  • No Configuration required
  • Application can be optionally hidden for zero visibility
  • Mapping utilizes both GPS and Cell ID for near 100% location availability, even when indoors!
  • View multiple devices simultaneously or offer individual tracking accounts, all from the same panel
  • Remotely set/update the reporting interval & even the reporting URL via the panel
  • Optional GPS Leash/Fence that can send an alert via Email or SMS either when a device leaves a specified area, or enters a specified area
  • Timeout threshold for clear, visualize indication when a device is not longer reporting location
  • Easily Browse or Search Devices, as well as rename for easy recognition
  • Store an unlimited or fixed number of past location coordinates, view on a map with time stamps, or a list, even export the coordinates list as an XLS or CSV file
  • We can also provide applications that additionally report/store/track/backup Call Logs, SMS Logs, Contacts, Website Activity, Photos, Videos & More
  • Don't need always on tracking? Remotely trigger a one time or interval based reporting via discreet SMS commands (which can even be sent directly from your panel)
  • 100% White Label solution, that we can host or you can host
  • Extremely flexible. Have a specific feature requirement? Just ask, there's nothing we can't do!
  • Easily deployable via BES/BEX Express
  • Per user and unlimited options available
Server Requirements

Operating System: Linux Based
PHP Version: PHP5, PHP6
Database: MySQL
Web Server: Apache 2.*

Device Requirements

Android: 1.6 and higher
BlackBerry: 4.2 and higher
Symbian S60: S60 3rd or higher
iPhone: iOS 4 and higher

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