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The #1, Best Selling Call Recorder on the Planet is now even better! Total Recall Call Recorder for Android has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to offer not just an infinitely better user experience, but und

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The #1, Best Selling Call Recorder on the Planet is now even better! Total Recall Call Recorder for Android has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to offer not just an infinitely better user experience, but under the hood has been developed to provide the most reliable & powerful call & voice recorder available on the market - Guaranteed. Try Total Recall now, ad-free for 30 days to see for yourself (even if you've previously tried Total Recall)

Unlike other Call Recorders that simply record the call audio from your Microphone (at low volumes) Total Recall is designed for TRUE CALL RECORDING, which results in full audio from both sides of the call on compatible devices. The quality difference is huge. When Call Recording is truly important, Total Recall is the only Android Call Recorder You Can Trust. Plus Total Recall is backed by Killer Mobile ®(R) a US based developer that's been around since 2003.


Unfortunately full two-sided call recording is not possible on every Android device. On some devices ROOTING can improve the recording quality and/or may be required to enable full call recording. Total Recall is enhanced for owners of Rooted Devices and includes device specific recording improvements for many Rooted Devices. For rooted users where call recording still is not working, please email us at info@killermobile.com and provide you with a an Audio Check app to see if it's possible to update Total Recall to support your device as well.

Please see device specific Call Recording Compatibility below.

  • Upload/Send Manually or Automatically to:
    • Gmail
    • Google Drive
    • Box
    • DropBox
    • Evernote
  • User friendly in-call recording control
  • Powerful Widget for Manually Recording & Quick Access to the App
  • Flexible Recording Name Wizard gives you Total Control over the Clip Name
  • Complete Control over where & how recordings are stored
  • Record All Calls, Specific Numbers/Contacts, or Manually
  • Password Protection for Privacy
  • Rooted users can run as a System App for improved stability
  • Support via Emails & Forums
  • & Much More - Try it free for 30 days today!

Supports Many Common Languages, with more to Come including...

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Italian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Russian
  • French
  • Finnish
  • Dutch
And with Total Recall & Killer Mobile ® you'll receive free updates for the Life of your Device, top notch support and the backing of a company that's been building Killer Mobile ® apps since 2003!

Download Total Recall Android

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Latest Updates:
- Updated device presets including auto preset for the Samsung Galaxy Note
- Non-root default directory set for clip storage
- Numbers based recording
- Import/export settings
- Call Recorder module now resets itself at an interval to improve overall stability
- Delete multiple records
- Do not record while using BT setting updated to work on newer devices
- Option to hide the "recording" messages
- Bug fixes: incoming call contact name; playback of record in orientation change
Compatible Android Devices
Compatibility Notes

Some devices may only support Call Recording directly from the microphone. Using speakerphone will improve the audio volume, while other devices can support full two-sided call recording without the use of the speakerphone. Some devices may not support call recording while using a Bluetooth Headset.

Strategy A
Droid Eris (desirec) Droid Incredible
Droid Incredible 2 (vivow) Evo Shift
G1 (dream) General Mobile DSTL1
Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro (MK16i) SHW-M110S
Samsung Captivate Mytouch (sapphire)
Motorola XT701 Motorola Milestone 2 (os 2.2) umts_milestone2
LG Optimus One (OS 2.2) thunderg, thunderc Meizu M9
Motorola Charm (umts_basil) Motorola Defy (jordan)
LG GT540 (reported on OS 1.6 & 2.3.4) LG GW620 (reported on OS 1.6)
Huawei IDEOS U8150 (T-Mobile Comet) HTC Wildfire (marvel)
HTC Sensation (pyramid) HTC Tattoo (tattoo)
HTC Magic (magic) HTC Legend (legend)
HTC Evo HTC Dream
HTC Desire (bravo) HTC Desire HD (ace)
HTC Desire Z LG Optimus G
Huawei HUAWEI-M920
Strategy B
LG-MS690 Goapple 3G
ZTE Blade ZTE N720
Spice Mi 310 Sony Ericsson Xperia X12 / Arc / Anzu
T989 **** Samsung Galaxy Epic 4g Touch (SPH-D710)
Samsung Galaxy S Plus (GT-I9001) Samsung Galaxy S I9000 (os 2.2.1)
Samsung Galaxy 5 (galaxy5) LG Optimus C (LG-LW690)
LG Vortext (vortex) Samsung Galaxy S3 **
i9300 (Global S3) ** SCH-I535 (Verizon) **
SGH-T999 (T-Mobile Galaxy S3) ** SPH-L710 (Sprint Galaxy S3) ***
SGH-i747 (AT&T Galaxy S3) ** Galaxy Note 2 (N7100)
Sony Ericsson Xperia V LG Revolution, Model VS910 4G, runnning Android 2.3.6
Galaxy S4 (i9500, i9505) Galaxy S4 Mini
SCH-I545 (VerizonS4) (root required) SGH-M919 (T-Mobile Galaxy S4) (root required)
SPH-L720 (Sprint Galaxy S4) (root required) SGH-I337 (ATT Galaxy S4) (root required)
SCH-R970 (US Cellular S4) (root required) Archos 50 platinum
Galaxy S4 Active Sony Xperia SP
Galaxy S3 mini GT - I8190L Galaxy Note 3
Samsung T699 Sony xperia M (c1905)
Huawei P6 Samsung Galaxy S5 (all models)
Sony Xperia M2 LG G3
Moto X 2014 (XT1097) Note 4
Samsung Galaxy Alpha - SM-850A  
Auto Dictaphone Recording + Strategy B
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 / X10 Mini / X10 Pro / X8 Xperia X8(E15i)
Xperia X8(shakira) Xperia Arc(LT15i)
Xperia Arc(SO-01C) Xperia Neo(MT15i)
Xperia X10(SO-01B) Xperia X10(SonyEricssonSO-01B)
Xperia X10(X10a) Xperia X10(X10i)
Xperia Arco(SO-02C) Xperia Play(R800i)
Xperia X10 Mini(E10i) Xperia X10 Mini Pro(U20i)
Xperia X10 Mini Pro (mimmi) Sony Xperia Z
Xperia ZR Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Strategy C
Dell Streak 5 (streak) Galaxy S2 ****
Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 ****
HTC Hero (hero) SHW-M250K
SHW-M250L SC-02C
GT-I9103 GT-I9100T
Galaxy Tab Galaxy S 2
Galaxy Note (N7000) **** Galaxy Y Dual SIM (os 2.3.6)
Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 (3GP format) Samsung Galaxy Y Duos S6102 (3GP format)
Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos (GT-B5512)
Root Recording
HTC One X (Rooted, Nvidia Tegra Chipset Variants) Galaxy S3 (Rooted, All Variants)
Google / LG Nexus 4 Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-i9305 LTE
Samsung Galaxy Note II Motorola RAZR HD XT925 (CM)
Motorola RAZR HD XT925 Motorola DROID RAZR HD
Motorola RAZR M Sony Xperia T
Sony Xperia M HTC One SV
HTC One SV (k2ul) Motorola Photon Q
HTC One S HTC Incredible 4G LTE
ASUS PadFone Sony Xperia V
Sony Xperia SP PANTECH IM-A830S
Nexus 5 Note 3 (running KitKat/4.4.2)
Strategy E
Samsung i717 running ICS (coming soon)
Requires Custom ROM/Kernel/Libs w/Rooted Device
HTC Desire; requires root and custom kernel/ROM
HTC legend using Blayo 0.7 ROM & Bluetooth Only
HTC Thunderbolt running Das BAMF ROM (Strategy A with no checkboxes checked on the advanced settings screen)
Motorola Defy (non Chinese Version); requires Chinese 2.2 ROM or replacing libraries http://ufims.com/Zb7ML/libaudio.rar
Samsung i9000 (Galaxy S & Variants) with strategy B. Requires replacing libraries http://ufims.com/Zb7ML/libaudio.rar
ZTE Blade (a.k.a. Orange San Francisco); requires custom ROM from http://android.modaco.com/content-page/323154/rom-oled-tft-flb-froyo-g2-for-zte-blade/page/680/
Important Notes
This recording list sums up the compatible Android devices with one Caveat...
Other devices may or may not record calls properly. We update this list frequently. ALL other devices will support all other Total Recall features.
** If running Jellybean 4.1.1 requires root
*** Not currently compatible with devices running 4.1.1/Jellybean
**** Requires root if running ICS
Please download the demo prior to purchase
TIP for Root Users: We've added a brand new setting for Root users to help prevent application shut down & improve stability & performance!

* OS versions vary even on the same hardware/device, so please download and test prior to purchase. If you do have issues, or have a compatible device not listed, email us at info@killermobile.com

* You can easily play back 3gp files with the app called WavPlayer from the Android Market

LEGAL USE NOTICE: Total Recall, Tracer and SecureMe are applications designed to enhance the productivity of the device(s) the application(s) is installed on. Your use and or purchase of the aforementioned applications is your acceptance of our policy to only use the application(s) in a legal fashion, to obey your local laws, and your acknowledgment that you are aware of your local laws regarding each application's use. If you are in doubt, please contact your local law enforcement agency, or local legal counsel. Installation of Total Recall, Tracer or SecureMe must only be performed on device(s) for which you are the rightful owner, and under no circumstances are to be installed on a third party device, or a device for which you are not the owner.

Mobile Software LLC will not be held responsible and accepts no liability for any unlawful or illicit use of any of it's applications, and will use any technique available to prevent continued unlawful use including deactivation of the license or the remote web account where any data may be stored in the event a complaint is received. Legitimate use can include: Device Anti-Theft & Security, Employee Activity Tracking, Data Backup, Call Recording (where and when legal - consult your local one and two party recording laws) and Law Enforcement use. Visit here for more information on call recording legality where you live.