What makes Total Recall by far the most popular Mobile Call Recorder on the planet? Quite a bit actually!

The First.

For starters, Killer Mobile ® was arguably the first company to release a Call Recorder app for smart phone devices way back in 2005, it was called "Spy Call" and was later renamed more appropriately to it's current Total Recall. Why yes, that's a full two years before the iPhone was released and contrary to popular beliefs & misconceptions the iPhone was certainly NOT the first smart phone on the market (nor was it the first touch screen mobile phone!). While we realize being first to the party doesn't always make you a better dancer, we can easily say we have more experience with mobile based call recorders than most of our competitor's combined.

Cross Platform Success.

Total Recall is the only, truly cross platform compatible mobile call recorder application available, with versions for Symbian (S60 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th as well as Symbian^3 with over 3 million documentable downloads), Android (the most downloaded and most purchased call recorder app on the Android market), Windows Mobile (WM5 & WM6) and Meego. This makes Total Recall compatible with nearly half of the smartphones available and helps ensure what when you change devices there's a much better chance you can take your Total Recall License with you.

We never stop improving.

While we've certainly faced our share of hurdles and bumps, we're constantly re-tooling Total Recall, adding new features and bashing bugs with blind enthusiasm. We've just recently added support for three new languages and custom directory selection to our Symbian version, Meego has seen updated file naming & a prompt to record feature just this week, while our Android build sees almost two updates a month, with a ground up rebuild in the works. No competing apps even come close to our dedication in the call recorder segment.

Beep free

Something our Symbian users know all too well. We were the Original Beep Free Call Recorder and still are to this day (Beep Free Call Recording for ALL Nokia S60 & Symbian^3 devices as well as many Android devices including the extremely popular Galaxy S2, SE X10 & others) and while we've constantly innovated the competition has just imitated. They do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


Sure we piss some people off from time to time, but that's because we're truly passionate about what we do, and if you dare try to tell us we don't care, then you have hell coming. But the vast majority of our customers find our fast, efficient and helpful support truly useful, whether it's via our Forums, Fierce Chat, Technical Support tickets, Skype or email - we're always there, and always will be. In fact our 2209 forum posts attest to the fact that we really do listen to our users.

So next time you're in the market for Mobile Call Recorder application your decision should be simple. No other Mobile Call Recorder App even comes close to Total Recall, the best selling and most downloaded Call Recorder on the Planet!

Stay Killer My Friends!