The Lowdown on Recording your Mobile Calls

It used to be that recording a phone call, be it land line or mobile conjured up a vision of James Bond, the police or even the FBI. Fixed line call recording is still seen as taboo, and confusion reigns supreme over the legalities involved in recording calls, especially mobile calls. Most people would be surprised to know that 40 U.S. states have "One Party Notification" laws - meaning that only one party of a call needs to be aware that it is being recorded. Many countries have similar laws, including Mexico which recently put into affect a one party call recording notification law.

This means that you can call or receive a call from someone and knowingly record the conversation and have abslutely no legal responsibility of letting the other party know that the call is being taped. In some states there are consumer protection laws that can come into play if the call is being recorded and used for business purposes, so it is always wise to know your local laws in this regards prior to recording calls for business purposes.

Mobile Call Recording has been a hot topic ever since devices began shipping with an audio recorder, with bloggers and journalists writing about the pro's and con's of a world where your every call is recorded and stored for all eternity and just how the device manufacturers would handle the legal burden of enabling this. However the truth turns out that just because a cell phone comes equipped with this functionality doesn't mean that recording the call is even possible. In fact, very few devices are capable of recording anything other than the audio coming from the device itself, and even fewer can record anything more than a few minutes of a call without the help of 3rd party software, and many of those play some sort of warning tone that the other side can hear, indicating the call is being recorded.

In fact, call recording can be extremely useful for business, professional and even private use, including Attorneys, Private Investigators, Businessmen, Road Warriors, Busy On-The-Go Moms and of course the occasional Spy or Double Agent!

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If you're looking to further your knowledge on the subject of call recording, you'll find a great resource of call recording laws and regulations both for specific US States and Countries around the world here. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, knowing the specific laws and regulations regarding Mobile Call Recording is your own personal responsibility, and Killer Mobile ® Software LLC takes no responsibility for illicit use of our applications.

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